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Say hi to Fredrik - Our Head of Talent Acquisition

Hi Fredrik!

You took on the role as Head of Talent Acquisition last summer, what was that like?
When I joined, the company was about to scale the recruitment effort in a drastic way. I realized that we would need to change much of how we had done things in the past. So it has been a time of change, both challenging and very rewarding. Also, I have been surprised by the enthusiasm among hiring managers at Spotify, they are incredibly engaged in finding us the right talent.

What are your growth plans right now?
We are looking to hire more than 1000 people the next 12 months. In fact, so far this year we have hired more than 800 already. About a third of this growth is within engineering but we are growing in almost all parts of the company.

Hiring more than 1000 people seems like a lot. What are the biggest challenges you see here?
Diversity is important to us. We don’t just believe that makes our product better – we also think it makes a better work environment for everyone, where everyone feels included. So while we are recruiting at high speed, at the same time we need to create a more diverse pool of applicants and aim headhunting towards minority segments, so we can keep and increase the diversity in our workforce.

So, how do you get a job at Spotify?
There are no shortcuts. You need to be really good at what you do; we base our recruitment on competence. We also look for a good a cultural fit so we assess you based on our values to make sure you will feel at home here. Competition for the roles here is fierce at times, so I would recommend you to be persistent, don’t give up, and work on your development areas.

Is it true that it’s becoming harder to land a job at Spotify?
That depends on the area but in general, I would say that while our brand grows bigger and we see the number of applications increase year on year, we also have more openings than ever. We are looking for people at all levels and I would definitely recommend you to apply regardless of whether you have a lot of experience or are at the start of your career. Also, we have been expanding our internships over the years – make sure to keep your eye on our opportunities

What would your advice be to anyone going to an interview at Spotify?
Come prepared, ask us questions and be sincere both to yourself and in interviews. We want to find a great match between us as an employer and you as a potential future employee; that means that expectations on both sides need to be on the right level, based on mutual honesty.

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