About this blog

Welcome to the Spotify HR Blog! Our company is changing the world, all while growing at hyper speed. In order for us to stay ahead, both our people and the company must develop faster than the world changes. This puts very special demands on us, the HR department, to create that environment where a diverse […]

Demystifying People First

Demystifying a concept will make it clearer and more understandable. The clearer and more understandable a concept is, the more accessible it is to people, and the more you can prevent it from being used against you. And before you can demystify a concept, you need to have a clear understanding of it yourself. It’s […]

Sustainability Outlook 2024

In recent years, the sustainability debate has been focused mainly on climate, and specifically on emissions of greenhouse gases. Whilst this remains as important as it ever has been, there’s a shift in narrative around sustainability, towards a more humanitarian mindset. There’s further recognition from around the world that we are facing not only a […]

A Culture To Grow In To: The Manifesto Of Forward-Thinking Company

In the dynamic world of business, there are a few trailblazing organisations that set the benchmark for company culture. They are the pioneers, the avant-garde, and the early adopters of innovative practices that leave others watching their moves with admiration. These companies have meticulously crafted their enviable culture—one that not only emphasises essential traits for […]

HR Trends for 2024

As we peer into the HR crystal ball, it becomes clear that the 2024 workplace is undergoing a transformation akin to building bridges. Each trend is a bridge, connecting the past with the future, and HR professionals are the architects crafting these vital links. Preparing for AI Transformation – The Bridge to the Future The […]