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Let me compensate you!

Hey! I’m Arvid, Head of Global Compensation and Benefits at Spotify.

I’ll post here every couple of weeks or so.

Right now I’m thinking about the talk I’ve been invited to do at Mercer’s conference in Rome next week. I’ve been at quite a few conferences over the years, and to be honest I think many talks are the same year after year. I need to be inspirational and to stand out from the crowd!

This got me thinking about about our differentiation. Can we really say we’re different? Well, yes – Spotify is different – especially for companies outside of Silicon Valley. In the world of European C&B we are outliers.

We use our company culture to help make decisions on the way we work with C&B and I hope this can inspire my peers around Europe. I hope that we’ll give courage to think outside the narrow benchmark box. Or at least I hope the audience will like my presentation.

Either way, I’ll make sure to give them something to remember – dragons!

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