Performance AND Development

Our performance development approach is a combination of looking at performance, to see what is needed for the company to reach the goals we set up, and looking at the development of our people. We believe you can’t really separate the two.  

We don’t have any reporting back to HR, or any heavy performance management system with boxes to tick. Instead, we have a recommended performance development cycle that spans over a year. We have training and tools to make sure everyone are able to do their bit. And we have the four pillars of our performance and development approach.

Continuous planning & 1:1s

This is the most important pillar of our performance development approach, everything development revolves around great conversations. There is no mandatory schedule or standard agenda, it’s all based on the employee and manager agreeing on a setup and frequency of meetings. To support and inspire them, we have a checklist of topics that should typically be covered.

Development talks

Even if there is a continuous dialogue,  we recommend two development talks per year for a more in-depth talk focusing on growth and mastery. The purpose of these development talks is to match the company’s needs with our people’s long-term ambitions. Every employee owns and drives their own development talks, they initiate the meetings and gather feedback from peers. In the talks, we do look at the past a little, but the main focus is on the future and the potential.

We use three success criteria when we talk about performance and development: mastery, achievement, and behavior. Performance, to us, is not only about reaching the goal. It’s also about how you got there, growing in your profession, and being a role model.

Talent snapshot

The Talent Snapshot helps managers see where their team members are on their performance development journey and provide a “snapshot” of the team’s current strengths, weaknesses, and performance. We do this so we can find both the obvious and the hidden talent in the company and unleash all potential, get great work done and develop more future leaders.

Compensation review

Compensation review is its own process. But we do pay for performance which means that the performance development approach feeds into it. When compensation review comes around there should be no surprises, as employees are on top of where they stand in terms of performance.

Our performance and development approach is loose and contains very few mandatory elements. It is all held together by tools and training programs for both managers and employees. So every employee can own and drive their own development, and so every manager can support it and grow the entire team.

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