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Three reasons to have a scientific approach to recruitment

When we recruit, we are basically trying to predict what performance a candidate will show in the future. You can make a guess, or go with your gut feeling. But you can also support your choices by using structured methods.

Setting up a recruitment process means choosing what methods and elements to include and what to leave out. Here are my main reasons for going for scientifically proven selection methods rather than relying on gut feeling:

1. Methods are fair – gut feelings aren’t

When you use a method, every candidate will be valued on the same criteria. Scientifically objective ways of measuring a candidate make it easier to avoid bias based on people’s age, gender, ethnicity etc. Tests put the focus on actual contribution and performance instead of who the person is. Measuring all candidates in the same process can sometimes be difficult. But if you manage to, you have earned yourself a more fair and relevant selection process.

2. Knowing what you really want will make it easier to find

Adding psychometrics to the process will often lead to great discussions around what’s really important for a specific position. This early time investment usually has a great return in terms of total time spent on the recruitment. And if you are hiring for many roles with the same skill set, that saved time just multiplies.

3. Standardization is scaleable

Spending time developing things that don’t scale is a luxury most companies just cannot afford. We need to be cost effective. Time and effort should always be spent where the most value is captured. 

Some methods have higher prognostic validity than others. Whatever you choose, make sure your choices are deliberate and based on the science of psychometrics.



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