Blended Learning @ Spotify

Blended learning @ Spotify

Our industry sector didn’t exist before we came along. We invented it and that’s what we’ve kept on doing. We invent the future and we love it.

But to keep on doing that, we can’t rely on old truths and learnings, we need new ones or we’ll lose our edge. Without constant learning, Spotify would not continue to be the successful company we know and love.

Our people are really talented. But more importantly, they are all set on always learning more, growing, and changing the world as they evolve. This means we are perfectly set up to share learnings and create new ones together.

Do we all learn in the same way though? Do we learn at the same pace, in the same place and at the same time? Often the answer is no. We all have different styles of learning and also, most of what we learn is a result of what’s going on in our day-to-day jobs, with colleagues, working on challenges, sharing stuff, networking…

Traditional vs blended learning

The more organized ways of learning has traditionally been face-to-face classroom trainings or loooong online videos, one-size-fits-all. We decided that we need more,  something better, something that adapts to every individual and the way each of us wants to learn! That’s why we offer our employees “blended learning” offerings.

Blended learning is like “Lördagsgodis” (“Saturday candy”, that’s the goodie bag of mixed candy Swedish kids get on Saturdays). There’s all kinds of penny candy, different colors, textures, and flavors. There’s something for everyone, learning of different kinds, for different senses. It can be face-to-face classroom training or streamed versions, but also online learning, sharing communities and assessments – in a delicious mix for effective and personalized learning. Some of it is bite-sized – to give Spotifiers learning opportunities when they have a moment, and some of it is more chewy pieces that take longer to experience.

Custom-made training

This approach allows custom made training for each and every individual. It also stretches the learning experience to last longer, because that makes things stick better to our minds. There can be a short startup video to watch, a paper to read and an assessment to be done before a classroom training or webinar. And there can be follow-up material like video clips, another assessment or a game, to make the learning last and stick.

Another benefit of blended learning is that you are very likely to find something that suits you, your schedule, and your preferred way of learning. And a lot of it will be right there for you to take in at a time and place that suits you.

However you choose to do it, never stop learning! If you manage to do it faster than the world changes and then share what you’ve learned, we will all get a little bit more amazing every day.

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