Amplifying Voices for Climate Action and Justice on Earth Day and Beyond

When it comes to sustainability, Spotify’s approach has two parts. The first is about addressing the impact of our own business, making sure that we decrease the negative impacts, and that we’re running our business in a sustainable way. Our commitment to reach net-zero emissions within the coming decade is a part of this. To be clear – we’re not saying it will be easy or that we know exactly how we will achieve it, but we do know that it needs to be done. 

The second part of our approach is where we think we have the greatest potential for positive impact. With more than 400 million users, we have an amazing opportunity to use our platform and our reach to raise awareness of the climate crisis, by creating and curating climate content as well as amplifying voices that need to be heard in the fight against climate change. Audio is our superpower and we intend to use that as a force for good. 

We started this work in 2021, with a podcast studio at COP26 and curated content on the Climate Action Hub. For this year’s Earth Day, we’ve added new content, including the launch of  our Youth Dispatches: Our Planet podcast where we highlight the voices of young people, from different parts of the world, who are making an impact in their own communities and who inspire us all to get involved in the fight for climate justice. The podcasts include Luisa Neubauer, Sequininnguaq Lynge Poulsen and Gabrielle G

Luisa Neubauer is one of the co-organisers of the Fridays for Future movement and is also the host of the Spotify Original Podcast 1,5 Grad. Sequininnguaq Lynge Poulsen is a 19-year-old Indigenous rights activist and artist from Greenland, and their work focuses on decolonisation, mental health, culture revitalisation, and education. Gabrielle G., ECO OG on TikTok, uses her reach to highlight sustainable living and easy ways to get started. These three activists have very different profiles and backgrounds, but they all use their platforms to drive positive impact and are great examples of how the power to change comes in many shapes and forms. 

In addition to interviews, the campaign includes playlists created by leading Climate Justice organisations and audio spots from artists such as Jason Mraz and Maxida

With Youth Dispatches: Our Planet, we’re aiming to shine a light on different perspectives on climate change and how young people experience it and fight against it, in different parts of the world. Young people are the ones leading the fight for climate justice across the globe and we believe that it’s our role to amplify their voices, and we will continue to do so long after Earth Day. 

Audio and our platform are some of our superpowers that we are leveraging in the fight against climate change, what are yours? 

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