The Pride that keeps on giving

#loveisloud Blog post by Isa Notermans, Global Director Diversity & Belonging, together with Cassiano Mecchi, EMEA Diversity & Belonging Lead.   Celebrating Pride is a big deal at Spotify, and we take part as the celebrations move around the world, through all the locations where we have offices. We honor it on the Spotify platform […]

Say hi to the Spotify diversity data!

We’ve been wanting to share this for a long time We are very pleased to tell the world that our Diversity Data Report is finally in a place where it makes sense for us to publish it. As Spotifiers, we are always striving for transparency and accountability, and we believe this is another step in […]

What do you mean, “diverse”?

Managing Diversity and Inclusion in a global company Securing diversity in your business is a tough job to begin with. But doing it in a global organization means an extra dimension of tough. Because diversity itself is actually pretty diverse when you look across the entire planet. Practices, priorities, and even words’ connotations are different […]