Social at Spotify – what’s it all about?

Social at Spotify

HR: Social a.k.a. Employee Engagement I often get introduced to either new Spotifiers or those outside of Spotify as head of fun! It’s a very nice introduction and I do have (and encourage others to have) a lot of fun at work, but the job title/description is not exactly accurate! Me and my team have […]

Spotify’s core values

Choosing the values As I mentioned in my last post, by the end of The Passion Tour workshops we’d come a fair way along a very inclusive process to redefining our company values. Together, all Spotifiers had been part of finding the words that describe how we roll, how we behave towards each other, and […]

The Passion Tour: workshopping values the Spotify way

Company values – why bother? In late 2013, the Spotify HR crew embarked on a journey to revisit the company’s values. We recognised that the Spotify culture was (and still is) one of our great strengths and that our core values should be an integral part of this. So in 2014, with a solid plan […]