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Say hello to Flexible Public Holidays

We can celebrate to our own beat

I’m really proud to see the team introduce a new benefit for all Spotifiers today. Public holidays are no longer set days off at any office within the Spotify family.

Spotify has such a diverse workforce with over 90 nationalities represented across our Sweden and US offices alone and we want to keep on growing both in numbers and in diversity, so we need to challenge the cultural norms that are traditionally projected onto each individual and consider these norms may not reflect each person’s observations, beliefs and lifestyle.

People are our most important resource and everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate what’s important to them and feel included in doing so, regardless of who they are, what they believe in, where they come from, what music the like and what country they happen to work in at the moment. HR functions can start doing things differently to support and recognise individuals across the workforce, allowing people to be their true selves and bring their very best. To that end I’m really proud to see the team at Spotify enabling and empowering this to happen with the launch of this new benefit today.

Credit where credit is due on a launch day like today. The team, but more specifically Alexander Westerdahl and me were inspired by the Swedish Telco 3 when designing our global holiday rhythm and how we now will celebrate to our own Spotify beat. Again, a good example on how Swedish value driven leadership can be exported in meaningful global ways.

From now on, every Spotifier has the opportunity to take the holidays that matter to them. They can choose to work on a day that is a public holiday in the country they work in, and swap it for another work day instead. This means they can be off of work on a day that fits their observations or beliefs better. For example, someone who works in a country where Christmas is a public holiday, can now choose to work on Christmas Day and switch it for a day off on another date that is important for them to celebrate. Yom Kippur? Diwali? International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia? It’s their day, their choice.


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