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Core Weeks Take The Stage For Spotifiers To Connect

Since launching Work From Anywhere back in 2021, we’ve been reviewing and reflecting on our chosen hybrid model. We believe in offering our employees flexibility, whilst ensuring our culture does not become diluted. We know our culture is key to ensuring that we keep the connections alive between Spotifiers who are spread around the world, and do not meet regularly in-person due to the the way they’ve chosen to work on a day-to-day basis. 

Our Work From Anywhere program puts our approaches to setting the right stage for collaboration, and connectivity firmly in focus. We know that opportunities to connect are essential for a sense of belonging, connection to purpose and impact. If people are not connected to each other and to the company’s mission they will lose sight of their own impact. 

As we mentioned in 2022, finding ways to create connectivity for efficient working, strong collaboration and a depth of company culture is not easy. There’s no rule book. We have been writing that as we’ve been going along. 

We’ve continued to learn, adapt and reshape, and in particular, we’ve recently put some focus on identifying solutions that make in-person connection possible while ensuring we can achieve our business and sustainability goals. That’s why we are pleased to share the latest part, and the next chapter in our ways of working story: Core Weeks. 

A Core Week is one week (Monday – Friday) during the calendar year where teams come together at the most convenient Spotify office location for the team to discuss strategy, planning, collaboration, and build community.

We trust our managers to choose the best setup for a Core Week, given the framework of having a schedule that features two days of a structured program focused on planning and strategy, one to two days of unstructured office time together, and for travel to and from the location.

Core Weeks will give all Spotifiers the opportunity to gather once a year with their closest team for in-person collaboration, planning, and of course, some fun! We’re excited about us all spending more intentional time together and as we’re still writing the rule book we look forward to sharing more reflections about successes, learnings and tweaks to Core Weeks in the future.

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