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Your data is nothing without you

Right now, most of the People Analytics industry is focusing a lot on Talent Acquisition and straight up data reporting. Those are both good and important things, but we have all been doing them for a long time, and neither will help us activate and retain the people who are already recruited, predict the future, or take the right business development decisions.

What we need in order to improve business outcome is not just numbers, but genuine insights and business critical forecasts.

You will hear lots of consultants offering their time and solutions for business advantage analytics. But most of us already have the data we need, and using it to resolve challenges requires a deep understanding of your organization’s challenges, experience, and knowledge. These are all things that you already have more of than any external consultant can have. What you need is just to get down and link the sets of data you already have, combine them with your experience and apply a mindset of always wanting to go deeper and understanding better.

Unlock the barriers between the data sets, combine them for both teams and individuals, learn, act on your learnings and adopt. Don’t just report data, work with your insights and act on it! Adapt to what you’ve learned, embrace the factfulness, and learn more as you go along.

Set your data free, let it work for you and help you tell your own organization’s story. You will have a greater and much more relevant impact than any consultant could or should.


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