Introducing HR Over The Counter, a Spotify HR podcast

While we experience a major upheaval at work, and within HR, the expectation is that numerous physical events will continue to be cancelled, meaning the online industry specific content continues to boom. And we’re beyond ready to be part of that.

Based on 2020’s HR The Real Deal Video On Demand series, Spotify HR is now launching this in podcast format, for even easier listening. 

All the episodes are hosted by Anne-Marie Andric, Husqvarna Division’s VP People & Organisation, – in the episodes you’ll hear the two of us discussing timely and relevant topics related to People, Culture, Leadership, Business and much, much more!

The whole of Season 1, and the first episode of season 2 is available now, featuring the topics of:

You’ll find new Season 2 episodes released on a bi-weekly basis. 

I hope you enjoy them, and that they can be of some use to you especially during a time when we in HR provide the backbone that guides the business. 

Happy Listening!

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