Proud and humbled to be part of Sweden’s Most Attractive Employers

We’re just part way into the second quarter of the year and we find ourselves presented with a great opportunity for a humble brag: Spotify has won an award! We’ve been given the title of Sweden’s second most attractive employer in Randstad’s Employer Brand Research 2024.

It’s always nice to receive awards, especially those that are given based on robust surveys that map which criteria employees think are important when choosing an employer. An employer branding rating certainly gives a sense of pride, but we must remember that our people are our culture.

We’re incredibly grateful and in awe of the way our band members channel their passion about their workplace, the way they go above and beyond to contribute to our culture, and advocate our employer brand. And I’m hugely proud of the work of our diligent HR team who are always striving for the perfect balance of the needs of our band members and of our business. 

We also recognise there’s room for improvement, as always. Not just in making it to the number one spot (congratulations IKEA), but in always striving to make things better. For us, it’s most important to be part of an HR industry that works hard, dares to be bold and always, always considers the benefit to their employees and to their business. 

Thanks Randstad, thanks fellow HR professionals, and a big thanks to Spotify band members. #Proud and #Humbled.

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