Spotify Wellness Week Returns in 2022

At Spotify we know that our people are our greatest asset. We strive to offer flexibility and we believe it’s not just important, but essential, to create a safe environment for our employees. That means making time for both self and professional care, as our mental health initiative, Heart & Soul warrants. 

In November last year, after a traumatic 18 (plus) months, we closed our offices for a week so that each and every one of our employees had the opportunity to put some extra focus on their own wellness. We called it Wellness Week…and it’s back.

We saw employees around the world use 2021 Wellness Week in a variety of different ways. Some Spotifiers travelled to new countries, others reconnected with old friends after such a long time apart, and many simply relaxed and caught up on their favourite podcasts. It didn’t matter what our employees did with their week – the only stipulation we had in place was that everyone disconnected. We all took time away from the everyday flurry of emails, messages and video meetings. Naturally, we heard feedback that not checking email for a week straight felt strange at first, but that the feeling of quiet calmness that soon won over was quite unlike anything else. 

On reflection, a year later, we know that a break from it all is necessary – it benefits us all as human beings. Taking time out is not a magic potion that fixes underlying mental health issues, but looking after our people and giving them the space to take this kind of break is what being a true people-first organisation is all about. That’s why we’re doing it again this year. Next week all Spotify offices will be closed so that all of our employees everywhere will be able to recharge, focus on themselves and do something that brings them joy. With this extra week of paid time off, it’s our hope that our employees around the world can take the time they need for themselves, and return to work revitalised, refreshed and energised.

We couldn’t be more proud of Spotifiers – they continue to show up and they continue to show us their resilience, even as the world around us continues to present challenging and difficult situations. And we’re proud of our people-first approach and the flexibility we offer with initiatives like these. Not every business in the world can shut down their offices for an entire week, but every organisation and HR team should be doing what they can to focus on the health, safety and well-being of their workforce. It truly is an honour and a privilege to work in the field of HR. It’s been an undeniably tough time, but it’s also presented the entire industry the opportunity to step up. As the world of work has shifted dramatically and the spotlight has fallen on HR, we all have the chance to act responsibly for our workforce and to find new initiatives and ways to support employees. I encourage my fellow HR industry leaders to do exactly that – let’s lead with compassion, empathy and take the opportunity to shape the future of work.

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